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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shut This Shit Down... or The Republican Hissy Fit, and How It Affects You.

At midnight, October 1, 2013, the U.S. Government shut down non-essential services, which means several thousand employees are without a job, at least temporarily, and millions of U.S. citizens are without what they may consider essentials needs. The U.S. House of Representatives have initiated the shutdown, due to their ongoing efforts to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, or Obamacare.
I hate that term, because it's a bit misleading. So-called Obamacare is nothing more than a modified version of the Massachusetts Heatlhcare plan instituted under former Republican Governor Mitt Romney, which is a rehash of the previous Republican rejection of Hillarycare back in the 1990's. Under Republican representative government, this was a great idea, but under the Black guy Democrat, it's socialism run rampant, and will send us spiraling into the fiery pits of Hell.

What is going on? The U.S. House of Representatives have tried, and failed, to repeal The Affordable Healthcare Act at least 42 times. Now they have tied defunding the Healtcare Act to both the debt ceiling debate, and the Government funding bill. The latter is the reason for the first shutdown in 17 years. That'st right 17 years. Who was president 17 years ago? Bill Clinton, the last Democratic President that was constantly stymied by a Republican controlled Congress. This is twice in 20 years that the Republicans have
shutdown the U.S. Government over partisan issues, that were not doing the American Public any good.

What Do We Want... Decimation... When Do We Want It... Whenever!!!!
The Republican version of debate is to hold the American Public hostage to get a delay on the implementation of the AHCA, for one year. What happens in a year, you ask? Well Midterm elections happen in a year. Who benefits most during Midterms? The party out of power, because their base gets more energized, and votes more during midterm elections. This is also following several Republican held states changing their voting laws after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act. Even though Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General, is taking steps to rectify this, the odds of it getting through, before midterms is slight.

Why Would You Do That!?!?
The reasons for defunding the AHCA are pretty clear, when it comes to Republican thoughts. There are several and I will list and explain them below.
First: It's being championed by a Democratic President, and that's never a good thing. If Obama can prove this will work, it will be his signature piece of legislation, much as the VRA was Johnson's. The AHCA has problems, but there have been studies that show it will save U.S. Citizen's thousands of dollars per year on healthcare insurance. It does not allow people to be turned down due to pre-existing conditions. It expands medicaid coverage for the under-insured, in those states that have accepted the funds.
Second: It implements costs not seen before, on business. If an employer has a certain amount of full-time employees, they have to provide health insurance. This will take the burden off Medicare and State Medicaid programs, as well as preventing the highest growth in medical care, Emergency Room visits. There are currently over 49 million U.S. Citizens without health insurance. Add to this, the fact that there is now a 2.9% medical device tax, to be paid by the manufacturers of the devices. So because businesses may finally have a tax they can't avoid, it is in the republican's best interest to keep these provisions out of the AHCA.
Third: Insurers will have to cover everyone. As in number 1, pre-existing conditions can't be used as a reason to deny coverage. People can stay on their parent's insurance until they are 26. Age is no longer a factor, in who can be covered. All this means the insurance companies will have to pay out more money, so they are pushing hard and fast to kill the bill, even though it means they will make more money overall, because insurance is largely subsidized by those who never use it.

Well, Where Does the Hissy-Fit Come In?
Because of the reasons listed above, there have been 42 attempts to repeal the law. When that didn't work, Ted Cruz got up and read Green Eggs and Ham in an attempted filibuster, ironically missing the entire point of the story, if not the writing. The Koch Brothers have spent millions to mis-educate people in the effects of the ACHA.

These are just two adds that have been put out to try to get college age people to opt-out of the ACHA, which would cause a tax to be implemented on that person, based on their income. Expect more to come, as time goes by.

So Did You Hear Who Got the Axe?
More than 800,000 Federal Employees are being told to stay home. This spans almost every Federal Agency, from Ability One, an independent agency, that helps the Blind, to the Treasury Department. Some of the services being affected are: Foreign Aid, Tax Oversight and Investigation, Civil Liberties Violations, Labor Relations Violations, Election Fraud Investigations. Immigration Employment Status Verification. This is only a small sampling of the services being affected.

My Thoughts
There are several things I'm not ecstatic about with the Affordable Healthcare Act, but do you know what I dislike even more? Government employees refusing to do their fucking jobs, because they don't like the Black guy. Just because Republicans don't get their way, they are holding the Government hostage, and putting our entire financial system in jeopardy. One of the best quotes I've seen today was on Twitter, "A friend of mine from Spain just asked, Did your government really shut down, because rich people don't want poor people to go to the doctor?" Yes. This is it exactly. This is the worst form of Class war. You know who won't be affected by shutdown? Congress. You know who couldn't give a shit if the AHCA succeeds or fails? Congress, because they all have health insurance, and as such are exempt. You know who benefits most if it fails? Congress, because they get more of the dollah, dollah, bills, from the lobbyists in the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry and big business.
I think a friend of mine has it right. Congress needs to become a part time job. They get paid for two weeks of work a year, and they can't pass a new law unless they have already gone through all the old laws and weeded out the stupid ones, or the ones that don't apply any longer. If they can't get it done in two weeks, they don't get paid and they can't go home until they finish their job. After another week, bathroom breaks become less frequent. Then meals. I'm not sure if the last two are part of the Eckart Doctrine, but they should be.
If you want more information on the exchanges, the shutdown or your representatives go here:, Government Shutdown: What's Closed, what's open?  Congressional Contact Information. 

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